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African Heritage Outlet and Online Mall (AHOOM) is a social entrepreneurial initiative of Groupe Nallem STM with the key objective of supporting and empowering artists and artisans sharpen their talents and skills to be market ready and focused through the following;

  1. Talent enhancement.
  2. Entrepreneurial, Attitudinal and Skills training.
  3. The use of ICT and technology
  4. Access to ready market after training

This initiative is expected to support African artists and artisans, from concept development, design, production till the product reaches the final consumer (merchandising). This is where AHOM will be a key provider and guide the artists and artisans to the market through Information and Communication Systems. Deploying Online Marketing channels, Events and Trade show participation of wholesale products to other outlets, running our own outlets and selling directly to the final consumer.

Talent Enhancement

Our key objective here is to enhance the talents of our teeming artists and artisans to creatively manufacture products that are practical and relevant to our daily lives, through creativity, innovation and skills development. Our trade and training partners for this initiative are: IAAT ( The Institute of African Arts and Technology), The Growth Hub Foundation (a non profit organisation aimed at poverty reduction through educational support, skills development and healthcare, with focus on nutrition and hygiene).

Enterpreneural, Attitudinal and Skills Training

Here, the key objective is to train our artisans on how to be effective entrepreneurs, by teaching them about business skills, evaluating their commitment to successfully operate a business venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

The Knowledge, Skills and Motivation of entrepreneurial success is a key driver of job creation from the spectrum of small businesses all the way to the largest global corporations, and for that matter its ultimate wealth creation abilities. This makes entrepreneurship essential to alleviating poverty to sustainable skills development and ultimately a key driver of economic wealth.

The Use of ICT and Technology

The application of ICT and technology in technical, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training to enhance the socio-economic development of the society has become a prerequisite in today’s world. Through IAAT, artists and artisans will be trained on how to utilise ICT and technology to design their products as well as sell them in the global market.

Access to Ready Market after Training

After training, our artists and artisans are given a platform to market their finished products. This is done by giving them the opportunity to sell through our online platforms (www.ahoomstore.com,  Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – @ahomglobal and @nallemclothing) Trade Shows, Exhibitions as well as our outlets shops will also be used as channels for selling and advertising our participants.

Keys to Success

  • Unique and creatively produced products
  • Practicality and user friendly
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Consistently high quality products.
  • Efficient operations.
  • Job and wealth creation

Mission and Vision


To be the number one global marketplace for African artist and artisans to showcase and sell their products.


Giving every artist and artisan a global platform on our online store and physical shops to showcase their products,

You are invited to support a deprived person to develop a skill or sponsor a training program for a group or meet a social need.


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