Hand-Carved Adinkra Wall Hangings

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  • Hand Carved
  • Beautifully crafted Adinkra art engraved in the center.
  • Suitable for wall hanging in the
  • room,
  • office,
  • library,
  • hall,
  • home etc.

26.40$33.00$ (-20%)


In our rare Afrocentric art collection, we feature the following symbols and their meanings:

  1. Akofena (Sword of War): This symbol represents courage, valor, and heroism. It embodies the qualities of bravery and strength in the face of adversity.

  2. Nkyinkyim (Twisting): Symbolizing initiative, dynamism, and versatility, Nkyinkyim represents the ability to adapt and navigate through life’s twists and turns with resilience.

  3. Fihankra (house or compound): Fihankra is a symbol of security and safety, representing the importance of a stable and protected environment. It reflects the value of having a home or community where one can find refuge and peace.

These symbols, intricately crafted by our talented artisans, not only add a touch of cultural significance but also serve as reminders of important values and principles. Incorporate these meaningful symbols into your space, and let them inspire and uplift you daily.


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Hand-Carved Adinkra Wall Hangings

Hand-Carved Adinkra Wall Hangings

26.40$33.00$ (-20%)

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